III.VI Immutable ZERO Parameters

ZERO Initial Supply

The initial supply of the ZERO token before any rewards. Set to 1,000,000,000. Decimals are 6.

Logic: The initial supply of ZERO should be large enough to promote a high level of decentralization (as it pertains to the Reset method), and small enough to not break common integrations.

ZERO Reward

The maximum amount of ZERO given to POWER holders in a Voting Epoch. Each POWER holder is given their pro rata share of the reward if they fully participate and the tokens are claimed simultaneously to voting. Tokens which go unclaimed are never minted. No tokens are distributed in an epoch with no active proposals. Set to 5,000,000.

Logic: The reward amount should provide enough incentive to Standard Proposal voters to consistently vote while not destabilizing the protocol through unpredictable distribution. An additional consideration is the maximum level of decentralization that can be achieved given average gas fees – i.e. the reward must at least cover the average gas fee of participants and thus the average gas fee puts a practical boundary on the percentage of POWER one must own to justify participation.


Alice has 10% of the POWER supply delegated to her. She fully participates in a Voting Epoch and is rewarded with 10% of the reward, in this case 500,000 ZERO tokens.

See the diagrams below for further illustration of the potential impact of the reward on the ZERO supply over time.

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