Main Invariants

  1. Total amount of owed M is larger or equal to overall supply of M totalOwedMā‰„totalMSupplytotalOwedM ā‰„ totalMSupply

Reasonable parameter bounds:

  • 30 days with no calls for protocol.updateIndexprotocol.updateIndex

  • MinterRate - up to 100% (10_000 BPS APY)

  • EarnerBaseRate - up to 100% (10_000 BPS APY)

  1. Overall amount of owed M is the sum of active and inactive owed M totalOwedM=totalActiveOwedM+totalInactiveOwedMtotalOwedM = totalActiveOwedM + totalInactiveOwedM

  2. Overall supply of M is the sum of earning and non-earning M totalMSupply=totalNonEarningMSupply+totalEarningMSupplytotalMSupply = totalNonEarningMSupply + totalEarningMSupply

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