III.II.VIII ZERO Claiming of Residual Value

In exchange for ZERO holders' participation in protocol governance, they will receive the remainder of the protocol fees. The anticipated accumulation of tokens to the ZERO holders are Proposal Fee payments from rejected proposal submission, the payments from POWER token auctions, and a portion of Minter Rate and Penalty Rate charges to Minters (see II.I.II Protocol Fees).

Proposal Fee and auction payments are collected in WETH or M, depending on the status of the CASH toggle, and Minter Rate is collected in M.

At any time a ZERO holder may call the Claim method in order to claim this accumulated value. The amount of claimable tokens are pro rata to each account's ZERO balance on the close of each epoch they are trying to claim for. They pass the array of epochs (or a starting epoch and ending epoch) they are seeking to claim for as arguments to the method.

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