III.I Inputs

The M^0 TTG (hereafter TTG) is responsible for the following inputs to the M^0 protocol and to itself (see Section III.III Governance Controlled TTG Parameters, Section II.II Governance Controlled Protocol Actors, and Section II.III Governance Controlled Protocol Parameters for further context on the actors and parameters listed below):

Governance Controlled TTG Parameters

  • Proposal Fee

  • POWER Threshold

  • ZERO Threshold

  • CASH Toggle

Governance Controlled Protocol Actors

  • A list of approved Minters

  • A list of approved Validators

  • A list of Approved Earners

Governance Controlled Protocol Parameters

  • Minter Rate

  • Penalty Rate

  • Earner Rate

  • Mint Ratio

  • Mint Delay

  • Propose Mint Time To Live

  • Update Collateral Interval

  • Number of Signatures

  • Minter Freeze Time

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