III.II.II.I Standard Proposals

Standard Proposals are voteable only by POWER holders and require a simple majority of participating tokens to pass. Standard proposals do not require a threshold percentage of yes votes to pass. If there are only 100 POWER tokens voting in a Standard Proposal and 51 vote yes while 49 vote no, it will pass. If 50 vote yes and 50 vote no, it will fail as it requires the yes balance to exceed the no.

Standard Proposals are the only proposal type which are “mandatory” for POWER holder participation. Lack of participation will result in POWER holders being diluted in terms of their overall voting power in the system and will cause them to forfeit any ZERO rewards for which they were otherwise eligible. A successful Standard Proposal will have its Proposal Fee available to be returned to the proposer.


During a Voting Epoch a proposal to change Minter Rate is made. Only 10% of the POWER tokens choose to participate. When voting on the proposal, 60% of the participating POWER tokens vote yes. This proposal is passed because the yes votes are greater than the no votes. The total number of POWER holders participating is only relevant in votes which require a POWER Threshold.

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