II.I.III Cancel and Freeze

There are two methods which can be used to stop an errant generation of M or to stop an errant Minter in the case of an emergency.

The first method, Cancel, can be called by any Validator on any Mint ID associated with the generation of M. The calling actor must pass the Mint ID as an argument to the method. Calling this method will cancel the specified Mint ID and cancel the proposal. The Cancel method can be called at any time until Mint is called. Minters do not have access to the Cancel method because submitting a new Propose Mint will automatically cancel and replace any that are currently outstanding.

The second method, Freeze, can be called by any Validator on any Minter by passing the Minter address as the argument of the method. Calling Freeze will disable Propose Mint and Mint for Minter Freeze Time (see II.III Governance Controlled Protocol Parameters). It can be called multiple times on the same Minter to reset the Minter Freeze Time window. If Freeze is called during an already existing Minter Freeze Time, the Minter Freeze Time window will restart from the beginning.


A Validator calls Freeze on a Minter and the Minter Freeze Time window is 6 hours. After 5 hours, the Validator calls Freeze again on the same Minter. The Minter is now frozen for an additional 6 hours. This means that the Minter will be frozen for 11 hours in total, unless a Validator calls Freeze again before the end of the second 6 hour period.

These methods can be thought of as being a part of a series of escalations the system (first through Validators and then through the TTG) can levy against an errant Minter. The final escalation being removal of the Minter. Removal of a Minter would similarly be done via a TTG proposal.

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