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The list of Minters’ addresses

TTG name: mintersminters

[0xbCcA4494d525008f70Ba72Ac8D1A57B4D1908FcF, ...]


The list of Validators’ addresses

TTG name: validatorsvalidators

[0xbCcA4494d525008f70Ba72Ac8D1A57B4D1908FcF, ...]


The list of whitelisted Earners’ addresses

TTG name: earnersearners

[0xbCcA4494d525008f70Ba72Ac8D1A57B4D1908FcF, ...]

mintRatiomintRatio MRMR

The ratio that defines the amount of owedMminterowedM_{minter}

a Minter may maintain relative to their (collateralValuemintertotalRetrievalAmount)(collateralValue_{minter} - totalRetrievalAmount)

TTG name: mint_ratiomint\_ratio

There is $10,000 of the CVCV and the MRMR is 95%.

The Minter may mint up to $M 9,500 without incurring penalty charges.

minterInterestRateModelminterInterestRateModel minterRateminterRate

Yearly Interest rate that continuously accrues on M owed to the protocol

Smart contract that implements logic for calculation of minterRateminterRate It implements getRate()getRate() method that returns value of minterRateminterRate in BPS

TTG name: minter_rate_modelminter\_rate\_model

APY % in BPS

minterRateminterRate = 100 bps

earnerInterestRateModelearnerInterestRateModel earnerRateearnerRate

Yearly Interest rate that continuously accrues on M owned by earnersearners Smart contract that implements the logic for calculation of safe earnerRateearnerRate It implements getRate()getRate() method that returns value of earnerRateearnerRate in BPS

TTG name: earner_rate_modelearner\_rate\_model

APY % in BPS

earnerRateearnerRate = 500 bps


A discrete fee that is levied on:

  1. owedMminterowedM_{minter} if CVminterCV_{minter} was not updated on time. Penalty is charged only once per every missed updateCollateralIntervalupdateCollateralInterval

  2. excessiveOwedMminterexcessiveOwedM_{minter} if it is present after CVminterCV_{minter} was updated

TTG name: penalty_ratepenalty\_rate

penalty = 0.1% in BPS

penaltyRatepenaltyRate = 10 bps


The amount of time by which a mint request is delayed before it can be executed

TTG name: mint_delaymint\_delay

mintDelaymintDelay = 14,400 sec


The amount of time that mint request can remain live before it can no longer be executed

TTG name: mint_ttlmint\_ttl

mintTTLmintTTL = 3,600 sec


The amount of time that minterminter stays frozen after one freezefreeze call

TTG name: minter_freeze_timeminter\_freeze\_time

minterFreezeTimeminterFreezeTime = 21,600 sec


The length of time in seconds that Minter has to call updateCollateralupdateCollateral, from the previous time it was called by that minter, before they will incur the penalty.

TTG name: update_collateral_intervalupdate\_collateral\_interval

updateCollateralIntervalupdateCollateralInterval = 108,000 sec


The number of validators required to verify the validity of updateCollateralupdateCollateral data.

TTG name: update_collateral_thresholdupdate\_collateral\_threshold

updateCollateralThresholdupdateCollateralThreshold = 1


Reserved for future use to be able to drop any whitelisting checks for earners

TTG name: earners_list_ignoredearners\_list\_ignored

earnersListIgnored=falseearnersListIgnored = false

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