III.II.II.II POWER Threshold Proposals

A POWER Threshold Proposal can be used to submit anything which would otherwise be a Standard Proposal, except it requires a POWER Threshold and is immediately votable and subsequently immediately executable rather than only being votable and executable in the future epochs.

For this reason, POWER holders are likely to use this proposal type in the case of an urgent or emergency situation. If a POWER Threshold has not been reached before the proposal expires, the proposal cannot be executed. POWER Threshold Proposals expire at the end of the next epoch.


During the Transfer Period a POWER Threshold Proposal is made to change Minter Rate, which requires a POWER Threshold due to it being an POWER Threshold Proposal. The POWER Threshold is set to 75%. The proposal becomes immediately votable and a full 100% of the POWER supply chooses to participate – 80% vote affirmatively. This proposal has passed and is instantly executable upon the POWER Threshold being met. This is because it achieved yes votes from greater than 75% of the POWER supply (100% * 80% = 80% yes). Note that the proposal very well could have gone on to accumulate more yes votes, but was likely executed immediately or soon after meeting the POWER Threshold.

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