proposeMint(amount,destination):mintIdproposeMint(amount, destination): mintId

  • Callable by minterminter approved by TTG who is not frozen at the moment

  • Proposes new M mint and returns id of pending mint proposal

  • Specifies the amountamount of M to mint and the destinationdestination address to which it will be minted

  • Any validatorvalidator can cancel this transaction within mintDelay+mintTTLmintDelay + mintTTL until it is executed

  • Only one active proposal per minterminter. New mint proposal replaces the existing one

    • Checks that mint request is sufficiently collateralized: (CVminterāˆ’totalPendingCollateralRetrievalsminter)āˆ—MR>=activeOwedMminter+amount (CV_{minter} - totalPendingCollateralRetrievals_{minter})* MR >= activeOwedM_{minter}+ amount NOTE: If the CVminterCV_{minter} was not updated on time, the protocol assumes that it is set to 0.

    • Creates pending for mintDelaymintDelay time Mint proposal

    • Returns unique mintDelaymintDelay of Mint proposal.

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